Welcome to Craving Sweet Treats a blog dedicated to “road testing” popular cookie, cake, and other confectionary recipes in search of those most worthy to be a part of my and your dessert repertoire. In this first few weeks, I will be focusing on recipes that are contending for a slot in my holiday cookie box – a gift that I will be sharing with friends, family, and colleagues this season.

I have been a “home baker” for some time now but my baking hobby is quickly becoming a obession.  It started with the traditions similar to many families, the loss of a loved one who always made the deserts at the holiday meal (for me it was Bubby) and the need for someone to “step up” and “take the reigns”.  Since my mother claimed a disdain for baking, I determined I would become the family baker.  Any so it was.  Each year my offerings changed, the first year it was pecan sandtarts and blondies, then lemon pound cakes and brownies, and even simple chocolate chip cookies or a traditional sweet potato pie.  However, this year I am determined to step up my baking game and give cookies as gifts.  But before I can give these treat as gifts, I must be sure they are worthy!  Thus I invite all the cookie lovers and beginning bakers to come with me on this journey.

This blog will share the ups and downs of classic and new classic cookie and confectionary treats, including giving props to their originator (recipe author) plus sharing where I added variations or modifications.  Recipes will be rated 1 -5 using the follsoing criteria  – time from start to finish, simplicity, and taste.  I hope this blog will help you as you plan your holiday cookie box and even better, help you select the best cookies for the special people in your life.